Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I figured since I haven't posted in awhile that I would do some latelys....

reading: What haven't I read lately?  Seems like I have read a ton the past couple of months!  A friend found this awesome author, her name is Kristen Ashley. She has ten million books (literally) and I have read about all of them. They are fun reads, long, but detailed and full of hot men, gaggle of girls, drama and kidnappings.  Weird, I know, but they are so much fun to read!  I'm not the biggest fan of bikers, but one book got me hooked on them! hahaha.  Check her out, her ebooks are cheap and its a really fun read!  I suggest  "motorcycle man", "games of  the heart", "the gamble" and "breathe" of course those are all in series, so you should read the series too!

obsessing: trying to find a house to live in.  I am sick of apartments.  We need room, Zoe needs a yard to play in.  I'm sick of cramming all our things in this tiny apartment. we have outgrown it.  but its so hard finding a house to rent in our budget. 

listening to: still loving Of Monsters and Men

baking/making: I bought an apple peeler/slicer/corer this summer, so I plan on a lot of apple desserts this winter :) 

looking forward to: Christmas festivities. this year we start the tradition of elf on the shelf.
want to accomplish: getting rid of a lot of our stuff we haven't used in awhile.  I decided since I haven't scrapbooked in a long time, and just cart the stuff around that I am going to get rid of it all.  sad, i know.
watching: vampire diaries! revolution is good, the mindy project=hilarious, new girl, once upon a time and revenge are on my must watch list.  Also watched breaking amish, disappointing in that one.  those kids were ridiculous.  

missing: being young and having no worries!
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