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Hi!  My name is Alex, or Allie.  I'm a mom of one, Zoe Grace.  She is four years old going on 14.  Shes the love of my life.  I have been engaged since the end of 2007, the wedding will happen eventually, until then I refer to my fiance as my hubbie.  It's easier that way.  I like to cook, bake, craft, read, explore, go thrifting and spend time with my family.  

I work part-time, although I wish I were back to being a stay at home mom, I go to school part time and I'm a personal chef, maid, mom and wife.  

I have dreams of opening up my own bookstore/bakery one day.  It will happen.  I have a culinary degree and am back in school for business admin.  See I'm preparing myself with multiple degrees! haha. 

I love to go garage sale-ing, and thrifting.  I like taking other peoples junk and making things out of it.  I also collect furniture in hopes one day I will re-purpose it and make it pretty again! 

I love cooking and baking, I collect cookbooks and I have a crap ton of pins on pinterest of food.  So I hope you enjoy my recipes as I do! 

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