Monday, May 18, 2015

Greek Pasta

Who loves greek salad?  Me! I do!  I saw someone make it as a pasta, but I changed it up a bit.  

For one, I'm not a big fan of red onions, so I omitted them.  Two, I use actual greek dressing (you can find it on the dressings aisle in your local grocery).  Lastly, I add chicken to mine. 

Its nice and light, pair it with some bread for a quick dinner, or add it to your picnic basket for those family picnics during the summer.

Greek Pasta
12 oz- 16 oz. bowtie pasta.
1 bottle greek dressing (don't have ounces, sorry)
1-4 roma tomatoes diced (pull pulp and seeds out before dicing)
1 cucumber, peeled or not peeled you decide, seeds taken out
1/2 red onion (I don't do this)
1/4-1/2 c. kalamata olives (I like the saltiness so I throw a bunch in there, pitted and sliced in half)
small container of feta cheese
2-3 chicken breasts
salt, pepper, and garlic powder

Cook your pasta until al dente (don't forget to salt your pasta water).

Season both sides of your chicken breast with salt, pepper and garlic powder.  Heat oil in a medium sized skillet on medium heat and add your chicken breasts.  Cook on each side 5-6 minutes.  Remove and place on cutting board.

Drain pasta when done and add ingredients dressing through feta cheese.

Toss well. 

Cut chicken how ever you would like and top on pasta. 


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Summer Time

Now that Zoe is in school, summers are special.  I change my schedule at work to stay home with her every day.  Last summer we spent a lot of time at the library, doing science experiments, reading books and going to story time.  We worked hard on our site words, reading and touched a little on time telling. 

This summer I plan to do more, not only do we have a wedding to plan, I want to hit up the beach more, cook and bake more with Zoe, so she can get better in the kitchen. Now all she makes are scrambled eggs and helps me stir, but I think shes old enough and smart enough to take on more responsibility.  

I want to focus on telling time this summer, science experiments at home, and learning about money.  Of course, I would like Zoe to find how wonderful it is to get lost in a story, I'm learning with Zoe I have to let her discover these things and slightly put my opinion in.  If I give her something I think will be great to read, she will poo poo the idea.  Thanks Lord, for giving me a stubborn child! haha. 

My other goals are to purge a lot of crap from this house.  Slowly but surely it will get done.  I don't go back to school until spring, so this summer I wont feel as though I have to get everything done right away. I'm taking my time, taking it easy and enjoying my family.

So expect new recipes and lots of cool science "experiments" we do at home.  

What are everyone's plans for the summer? 

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