Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I know I am a day late, a buck short, whatever ha ha.  I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas this year.  I hope you got to spend time with the ones you love and enjoyed a peaceful day!  We had a fabulous day, my daughter loved the anticipation of it all and it was so much fun watching her face light up when she would open something new.

I didn't cook that much this holiday!  I did try some new recipes that are some keepers and some that are some tweakers!  I'll share those with you.  No pictures tho, all the excitement I forgot to photograph anything but my daughter!  I will share the links I found those recipes at tho and the reviews I got on them!

Here are some sweets....

Cake batter bites... Originally found on adelynSTONE.  These are delicious.  I wish I took a picture because these things caused me some stress.  If you choose to make them, don't use white chocolate.  I wasted too much white chocolate.  (it didn't not melt right to dip the balls in!)  I had to go to two Micheal's to get the white candy pieces.  I went to publix, which has everything to get the almond bark (which I had never heard of) and they did not have them.  I am not a sweets person, so I could have one of these and be fine.  It literally tastes like cake batter.  People at work were calling it crack.  I'm keeping these on my list!

Next up....Egg nog cookies.  YUM!  Found at the girl who ate everything.  These cookies were nice and moist!  If you are an egg nog lover, these are a must!  Again no pictures!  I fail at life sometimes :).  Mine spread out big time, so I think I will go out and buy a scoop to make cookies.  That way they are all the same shape!

These Bite Size Apple pies are delish!  And so EASY to make.  They are even good cold!  Of course I found them on pinterest.  My trusted site for awesome recipes.  You can get the original recipe here at cookin up north.  If you aren't a pie person, I would def. make these.  You can get a nice touch of pie and not take a big piece of pie!

This is so freaking easy.  This will be my go too gift and dessert bringer over.  (Does that make sense?)  Five minute Fudge!  This is a Rachel Ray creation, but I found it over at this blog called tidy mom.  So easy it should be illegal.  Four ingredients.  Again I am not a sweets person.  Especially chocolate.  I had a little wedge and ate almost all of it.  It took me awhile but I ate it!  It was just too good to not eat!!  Then I made it into the wreath and it was so cute!  I used red and green M&M's, but they lost color sitting out in the open air.  Fail. 

I made Christmas breakfast on Christmas eve!   Found a crock pot recipe on pinterest.  I love hash browns and if I didn't have to make breakfast on Christmas morning then it had to be made.  If you are a fan on green peppers and onions, then you will like this dish.  Its a good base for a recipe, but I wasn't a big fan.  I think next time I will make it, I will add more to it to make it more flavorful. 

If you make this, you need to salt the potatoes at each layer.  It needs more salt then the recipe calls for.  If you are not a salt person then just don't listen to me!  he he.  Original recipe can be found at a latte with ott a.  Its not bad, but needs some tweaking.  Then again I am not a green pepper fan. 

So I guess all in all, I had more keepers then tweakers!  I thought this year I would be more organized but I was not, there is always next year!  Enjoy the day after Christmas, where you can relax and think about work and cleaning the next day!


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