Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Is everyone enjoying their holiday break?  I went back to work on Wednesday and I am already over the week!  Too busy, I wish I were one of those people off and out to lunch with friends and family.  Instead I serving them.  Oh well, I'm not bitter......:)

So every year I skip the whole making New Year's resolutions, because well I never keep them.  This new year tho, things they need to change!  I am blogging them so that when I don't keep up with them I can be shamed!  ha ha.  Sounds bad, but its like paying for a gym membership, I am going to go because I am paying for it.  Not because I want too, but because I am spending money on it.  That sort of thing.  I have a big list this year.  I really hope I can get them all done!  They aren't incredibly hard things, but things I can see myself giving up on. 

1.  Lose 50 lbs. I know that is a big number, but if I do it right and not just for a few months I think I can get it done.
2.  Learn how to sew.
3.  Save money (from tips) for our trip to New York/New Jersey this summer.
4.  Keep my life and home organized.
5.  Limit my computer time.
6.  Be a vendor at, at least one craft show (be a vendor, see if my creations sell)
7.  Go on more dates with my husband.
8.  Cook more healthy.
9.  Stop stressing so much, if I get a grade other then an A in school, I wont die. 
10. Join the YMCA for my daughter and I.

I'll stop at ten. I think I could go on, and on....

What is everyone else's resolutions?
Happy New Year!



  1. You can do it!
    I'm with you on # 4,5 and 7.
    I really gotta sit and think about my list, I need some changes in my life.

    I need to do this That way I'll be put to shame too If i don't hahaha

  2. Way to go Allie!! I love you resolutions. I wish I lived closer because I would totally tech you how to sew :) Craft shows can be so fun! I enjoyed most of the ones I did. I don't know how much my advice would apply to your creations and your craft shows but if you ever want it feel free to email, txt, or whatever :)


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