Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My 1st couponing experience!

At the beginning of the summer I had a class in my home about couponing.  How to do it, where to go, how to stack.  All that good stuff.  So we all purchased four papers, which means Wednesday-Sunday we get four papers a day.......that's a lot of papers.  20 a week!  But I made my coupon binder and labeled everything with dates, and we are just starting to get out and do it.  I consulted with couponersunited and went for it.  I was so excited today!  I went to CVS.  We had $8 in care bucks, which means I could use that as payment!  Whoohoo!

So I packed my coupons, had them in order, went to the store in the storm and stocked up.  Cept I thought my care bucks were on the card....no turns out you have to have a receipt with the care bucks amount on there.  Which you can get at the machine in the front of the store when you walk in.  So I got my 16 items and went up to pay.  Thinking I was only going to pay $6.  But I did not, but I can still use them next time, for maybe even a better purchase!

So here is the break down.

2 xtra detergents...$1.49 each (no coupon, just cvs card)
4 Palmolive soap....$.99 each (4/.25 off coupons used)
Hellman's mayo.....2/$6 (2/$1 off coupons used)
4 mitchum deodorants.....$1.99 each (4/$1 off  coupons used)
4 Bayer 20 ct. aspirin.....$3 each (4/$3 off coupons used)

Grand total $14.80
Amount saved $47.46
All Bayer aspirin FREE!!! 

So for my first trip that included a screw up I think I did pretty good!

Anyone else have the extreme couponing bug??


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  1. WOW!!! you did awesome!
    saved a bunch.
    i need to learn lol


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