Saturday, June 23, 2012

A little bit of latelys.....


I figured since I haven't posted in awhile that I would do some latelys....

reading: Well a friend lent me a book on nook that I am gonna start reading tonight!  Cant wait!

obsessing: trying to organize our lives....trying new fun recipes.  I'm on the hunt for new stuff all the time!
listening to: I just downloaded a bunch of old songs on to my ipod.  Ive been having a lot of nostalgic feelings lately!  like early mid 90's.  I miss the music of those days!

baking/making: Lets see.  Blueberries were cheap the week before I left for vacay so we froze a bunch of them.  Made yummy lemon blueberry donuts. On the agenda is blueberry muffins, I am into cupcakes...but that I'll save for another post :)
looking forward to: spending lazy summer days with my baby!
want to accomplish: OPERATION ORGANIZATION!  I have only put a little chip in the iceberg of that one!!!
watching: well its summer time, so that means True Blood is back on!  I went a little crazy there for a hot minute and bought season 1 and 2, then read the 1st two books of the series again......just because the latest book sucked so bad!  I'm also watching pretty little liars and drop dead diva!!

missing: having no bills. I don't mind the normal ones, but these medical bills are killing me!!  I want my co-pay back!!!
What have you all been up to lately???

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  1. I'm an 80's and 90's music lover! its mostly what i listen to.
    love lazy summer days!

    have you watched game of thrones on hbo. my new favorite show lol i've been trying to catch up


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