Friday, October 25, 2013

Greek Pasta and tater tot casserole

I have been trying out some new recipes, I haven't changed them up one bit, so I am just going to put my pic of what I cooked and the link to where I found it.  These blogers deserve the credit.   

I have been craving this pasta ever since I made it.  It was yummy, if you like greek salads  you need to make this pasta.  Not only is it simple and simple can be, but its so yummy too!

I cant take credit for it.  I got it from chef-in-training.  She has got some yummy, simple recipes.  Go check her out!

You toss it with italian dressing, I know italian on a greek?  But, trust me its delish!  I added some grilled chicken to mine.  Its good cold and warm.  Definitely think I am making this again this weekend!  

I made this tater tot casserole the other night, I never had it as a kid, but my hubbie has, he said his was different tho.  He liked my version, so its a keeper!

Super simple, simply delicious! 

Original  recipe can be found here at alisharenee.  She has a ton of other yummy looking casseroles as well.  I'm going to make a few in the next few weeks.  Only thing different I did was top some cheese on the meat mixture and drizzled oil over the potatoes and then after I baked it, I stuck it under the broiler for a bit.  So it got nice and crunchy.

Anyone try anything new lately? 


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