Friday, October 25, 2013

My baby isnt a baby anymore!

On October 22nd, my little baby Zoe turned the BIG 5!  No more baby for mommy.  Well, she will always be my baby, but you moms know how it is.  Shes a big girl now.  Independence is in full force, she has best friends in school now, she gets embarrassed by me sometimes.  Its happening all too fast.  She even has a boyfriend!   

Sure, she still cuddles with me.  Which I am thankful, but I have a feeling that wont last forever.  Insert sad face.  Shes learning all these new things and really becoming a great little lady.  

She requested a train theme birthday party.  Train theme is what she got.  It was our first party where we had kids come, not just family members.  The kids had fun, which is all that matters.  My little house was full to the max with people, but the food was good, the cake delicious and really no tantrums!

Of course I consulted Pinterest for all my train theme needs.  I made a train out of shoe boxes that held food, made railroad signs from poster board, turned the bounce house into a waiting station, put their goodies backs in a suitcase which was their baggage claim.  They played musical train cars, and pin the smoke stack on Thomas.  Overall, it was a great day, but I needed a few days to recoup, so did Zoe! 

I didn't get too many pictures, because of course I was doing ten million things at once.  My sister has some photos on her camera but I haven't gotten them off yet.  I am still a bit disorganized in my life. 

Ill link up my pinterest board where I got all the ideas from.  I cant say they are my own, because they are not.  But I sure did have fun coping them!  

Who hasn't made these out of tissue paper before??  


Baggage claim pre decoration and sign.  Told ya I wasn't on the picture detail. I did go out and purchase these awesome popcorn machine (which I didn't have time to use during the party!) I figure we will use this at parties, sleepovers, movie nights and holidays! ( I even bought popcorn boxes!)

Train cars all done!  Log car held pretzel rods, produce car held carrots, celery and veggie dip, 2nd produce car held fruit kabobs and the animal car held animal crackers! 

The completed train!  I loved it.  I also bought conductor hats and bandanna for the kids, but living in Florida it was too hot to wear!  Then I forgot to tell them to take it home with them, so now I have two dozen conductor hats and bandannas just chillin in my home.  

I found a template online for the head of the train and had Zoe color it, then cut it out and glued to a shoe box top. She felt included in the prep of the party and it came out cute!

Finished dining room.  I covered my book cases with streamers, so I didn't have little hands touching my stuff.  It was pretty cool looking. 

My signs are a little small, but the white one says waiting station.  This was the hit of the party.  I think Ill get it every birthday!  

My big girl!

Now, its time to prep for the holidays! 


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