Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Total Fail!

So, my mom was coming over for dinner last night and I thought I have to have a quick dessert.  Well, one of my favorite books by Kristen Ashley came out in print.  Fire Inside.  (Check it out!) Anywho, the main character Lanie made a quick keylime pie. You can find the recipe on KA's website.  Three ingredients.  So as I was shopping I thought.....hmmmm....let me whip that up real quick. 

 I decided to use pink lemonade.  Because I was too lazy to go to another store and look for limeade.

 I completely defrosted the pink lemonade and mixed it all together.  Looks pretty, right!?  Then I stuck it in the freezer to set faster.

Then this happened..........


It did not hold together at all.  Still tasted yummy, very tart.  I like tart tho.  

Anyone else have some funny fails?


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