Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Goals for the summer

Well, I did awesome for that 30 day challenge, but I have not done well with keeping up with this blog!  I haven't really been cooking new things and most defiantly have not been crafting!  I'm so busy with school and work I haven't done much.  I even made a spring cleaning list for my house, and I have done maybe two things on that list.  Insert sad face.  

So, I have decided to make a goals list for summer time!

Not a lot of goals.  Because, well as you can see with the spring cleaning list, I have good intentions but it doesn't get done.  Why set myself up for disappointment?! 

This is why things don't get done! 

Here are my goals:

1. Paint Zoe's Room and get it pretty-fied!  She cant seem to keep it nice and clean, so maybe with a little decor it will be easy for her. That's what I am hoping for anyways.  We picked two colors.  A sky blue and a lime green.  Two walls each color.  She wants her dresser yellow to look like the sun.  I want to make a flower pot holder for her window and make stuffed animal nets for the corners of her room because she has SO many stuffed animals.  Mainly puppies.  I know she wont part with any, so if I have them off her bed and floor and up there they will be out of the way.  I also want to make a thing for her bed, she has a loft bed and they have these like sheets that look like houses that you hang, so they can make the inside like a little house.  That's a big project in itself because I don't know how to sew.  So, on to goal number 2......
(image found on flicker, no source)
Isn't that the cutest thing EVER! 

2.  Learn how to SEW!  Yes, I have a sewing board on my pinterest page, yes I own a sewing machine.  No, I have not busted it out of its box and sewn things.  I will learn, darnit!  I want to have another baby, so I want to make cute blankets and clothes! 

3.  Last goal.  Get my third bedroom straightened up.  Its just a complete mess in there.  Completely embarrassing! 

I think these are pretty attainable. Do you all have any goals this summer?!


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  1. Go Alex Go! You can do it! I have a lot of goals too... and I never seem to get anything done either... :(


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