Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Summer Time

Now that Zoe is in school, summers are special.  I change my schedule at work to stay home with her every day.  Last summer we spent a lot of time at the library, doing science experiments, reading books and going to story time.  We worked hard on our site words, reading and touched a little on time telling. 

This summer I plan to do more, not only do we have a wedding to plan, I want to hit up the beach more, cook and bake more with Zoe, so she can get better in the kitchen. Now all she makes are scrambled eggs and helps me stir, but I think shes old enough and smart enough to take on more responsibility.  

I want to focus on telling time this summer, science experiments at home, and learning about money.  Of course, I would like Zoe to find how wonderful it is to get lost in a story, I'm learning with Zoe I have to let her discover these things and slightly put my opinion in.  If I give her something I think will be great to read, she will poo poo the idea.  Thanks Lord, for giving me a stubborn child! haha. 

My other goals are to purge a lot of crap from this house.  Slowly but surely it will get done.  I don't go back to school until spring, so this summer I wont feel as though I have to get everything done right away. I'm taking my time, taking it easy and enjoying my family.

So expect new recipes and lots of cool science "experiments" we do at home.  

What are everyone's plans for the summer? 

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