Monday, February 13, 2012


Hello All!  I have been kinda busy lately, so I am linking up with adelynSTONE's Confessions post.  These are lately/confessions. 
reading: well I just bought the second book in the unearthly series.  The first one was good, haven't started the second one yet!  Its about a girl that finds out she is half angel blood and is given her purpose, but she has to find out what it is.  So her family moves to Wyoming.  Really makes me want to visit Wyoming and go skiing! ha ha.

obsessing: Not much really, we have been busy around here.  Had to move my mom out of her condo, having some health issues, those are always fun.  I'm still not unpacked fully.  My shoes and purses are in bags all over my bedroom and its driving me crazy!  

listening to: Adele!  She killed it at the grammy's. Gotta show my love!

baking/making: I am making a friend some baked goods for helping me out at work, just don't know what to make yet!!!!

looking forward to: getting settled and having a pampered chef party!  So I can buy more kitchen stuff to add to all my other kitchen stuff!  Oh and our upcoming trip to NJ/NYC!  Cant wait!!!! 

want to accomplish: I would really like to get my paper for humanities done.  But I have no desire to work on it.  So...I will be turning in a sub par paper come tomorrow, and I don't usually like doing that, but I have been so busy and stressed lately.  I'm giving myself a pass!

watching: I have so many shows to catch up on!  Don't know where to start!!! 

missing: my favorite chai tea.  I could use a cup right now!  Cant find it anywhere in Florida!   
So what are you all up to?
Linking up with adelynSTONE


  1. Adele def killed the grammy's! She deserves it. Love her.

    Yay for your NJ/NYC trip!

  2. Yay!! for the trip :) Hope your mom is doing ok.
    If you want to go skiing, come visit me :)

  3. ooo montana would be pretty! i was thinking idaho, richie is from there. how far away are you from idaho?

  4. Found your post through AdelynSTONE. Love this list! I need to borrow this format for when I have absolutely nothing to post! LOL! I also love Pampered Chef. That stuff rocks!

  5. thanks for checking out the site! latelys are fun and really good when you have nothing to post, I try to do it once a month!


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