Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Olive Garden

I feel lost with out a camera!  No picture taking!  No crafting!  I have been cooking, not much but I am trying new recipes and I have no camera to capture it!  This sucks!  As soon as taxes come in I am running out and getting a new camera, we tried looking for a usb, but my little handheld camera has seen better days.  It's three years old and its time for a new one.  So instead of a craft inspired post or a new recipe I am posting about a contest I am entering.  You can find it over at the girl who ate everything.  Love her site by the way, tried a few of her recipes and they are fun and easy!  Check her out. 

Well the contest is for a $100 gift certificate for the Olive Garden.  It would be nice to win, a nice night out with the fam, where I dont have to cook!  Right now they are doing their three course meal for $12.95.  I used to work for the OG.  Just under a year I was there, my fave things to eat were the bruschetta (which I ate with olive oil and balsamic, as a meal) and the spaghetti with meatballs, half meat sauce, half alfredo sauce!  Of course the salad is delish and the breadsticks, but I am a pasta girl! 

If you want to enter the contest, just go here, write a comment on your favorite dish, or blog, tweet, fb.  You know the drill! 

I hope everyone is enjoying the end of their February!  Did everyone have a nice valentines day?  Do any fun crafts for it?  We sadly did not :(.  Its super busy over here this month!  I'm ready to not be so darn busy all the time.  Until next time....


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