Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Recipes

Its been awhile, since I last posted and I just noticed that my last post was my 100th!  How exciting.  Well, its exciting to me, haha. 

The past few weeks I have been hanging at home trying to start operation organization.  Its not as easy as it looks.  I'm weeding out a lot of junk, but with my three year old at my heels, things just seem to get messier.  But that's OK, there is nothing I can do about that! 

I did just recently host a couponing class.  There is this awesome group around the Orlando area called couponers united (fb link) that give you links to printable coupons, as well as deals in local grocery stores/drug stores so you can save money.  Also they are big on giving back to the community.  Which I think is awesome.  We all need to save money now a days and you can give away the items you spent so little on and really help a person in need and save money while doing it.  I never understand some of those extreme couponers who seem to hoard all the things they buy.  Maybe they give it away, but it dosen't look like it to me.  But that's just my view on it. 

Any who, I am way off topic now.  So whenever I have a get together at my place I have to make some yummy food.  Where do I go to find this yummy food??  Pinterest of course!  I made some goodies, that will definitely be made again!

 Pizza Stuffed mushrooms via how sweet it is

These were yummy and tasted like pizza.  Many variations you could do with it.  I did not add the onion and parm.  I used black olives, five cheese Italian cheese blend, pepperoni and green pepper.  I wonder how pineapple and ham would taste for a Hawaiian pizza mushroom!

Strawberry yogurt cake via a spicy perspective

I think the cake came out yummy!  I used betty crockers bottled glaze for the top, b/c when I make my own it comes out too translucent.  Try it for the summer, who doesn't love strawberries!?

Has anyone tried any new recipes I need to try out??


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  1. The mushrooms look so yummy!! I love stuffed mushroom. I made kale chips the other day, I tried a new peach cobbler recipe, and I made roasted acorn squash :) All yummy!!


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