Sunday, July 7, 2013

BOOK BASH in Orlando

Last weekend, I attended book bash with two of my book buddy friends!  It was so much fun!  Being in my element with a bunch of people (mostly women) who love to read was fantastic!  We got to meet our favorite author Kristen Ashley, she was awesome!  She was the first line we got in, we stood there for an hour because that is how popular she is and when we finally got up to meet her we all went shy! haha.  She posed for pics with us and signed our books then we went off and met other awesome authors.  Can you tell I had a really good time?  I cant stop using the word awesome! haha.

My friend came to town, we ate out a lot, we bought a ton of books, both ebooks and regular books.  Its a good thing she doesn't live near me, or I would go broke!   

Here are some pictures of our AWESOME weekend! 

Getting some dinner the night before book bash event
 Hour long line for KA!

 We are almost there!!! 

 My friend Dan, uber excited. 


 Alice Clayton, that is one funny lady, loved her book called Wallbanger

 Marianne with R.K. Lilley

 We just had to pose with the sign and point out KAs book! 

 Nighttime drinks at the Wicked GNO after party

 Sadly, we didnt get to hang with KA :(

Two lovely ladies we met in line that are now my book gurus, jello shots anyone?!

Did anyone do anything fun this past weekend?  Or did you go fangirl crazy at book bash too??


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