Thursday, August 1, 2013

BBQ Cheesey Hamburger Casserole Smasserole

It's been awhile!  We just got back from vacation, and even tho we ate like crazy on our vacation and I could probably starve for a week and survive, I decided to try out a pinterest recipe!  I had the fam over because they were having Zoe withdrawals and made a yummy casserole.  

My daughter loves going to CiCi's pizza, you know mass produced pizza, but they have a big game area for the kiddos that she just loves.  Well they have this hamburger pizza there, that my mom absolutly loves.  They squirt yellow mustard and ketchup on there, and yes, it does taste like a hamburger.  So when I found this recipe on pinterest I had to try it!

Of course I had to change mine up, my sister can be a pain when food is involved, so I omited the pickles.  Enter sad face, I was excited to taste what it would be like baked in, but I was not in the mood for complaints.  So I cut about four of them up and my mom and I put them on top of our mounds of casserole on our plates.  (They were delish with them)  Now I am not a fan on yellow mustard on my hamburgers, but because its a staple on hamburgers I added about a tablespoon of it to mine.  I could taste it and I thought it was a good addition. 

Of course we were all starving by the time this hit the table and I forgot to take a picture. So, these were taken after we practically devoured the entire thing!  I had like a quarter of the casserole left over.  Its defiantly a winner in our house!  I paired it with cornbread and a greek salad.  The greek salad doesn't really match, but I have been dying for a greek salad so I threw one together real quick.

 Anyone try some new recipes lately?


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