Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Coffee Confessions

Coffee Confessional

What to confess this week.  Last weeks was a drag, I admit, I wrote it when I was angry, and that is never a good time to do anything.  Anger and frustration is not a good thing and I wont lie my life has been full of it lately.  Maybe its the holiday blues, I don't know.  After calming down I re-read what I wrote and it was just too negative, so down it went.  So this weeks confession will be of things I am looking forward to and what I am grateful to have.

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So I had a talk with my hubbie and explained my frustrations and he wants to help me out (he realizes he has been slacking).  I am really trying not to, how do I say this, only think negative things, I want to stay positive and hope that he will continue to help me out.

The good news is school is almost over with.  So that is a plus, I have given up caring about my math class.  I know I will do my research for next semester and make sure I get a good teacher next time around!  I got spoiled with my other teachers.  They were great.

I am excited for all the crafts I have lined up and the present ideas I have for friends and family come Christmas time.

My daughter is grasping hold of holidays and I love seeing her face when she talks about them.  She misses Halloween and doesn't understand it wont come back until next year.  Shes excited for turkey, but cant wait for SANTA!  We just happened to go out to lunch yesterday and we walked by a man sitting by himself that looked just like Santa, beard and all.  Once we got in the bathroom stall she whispers "was that Santa?"  Then she kept stealing glances at him while we ate.  Its fun seeing all the excitement going on around her.  Its tough when you get older and you lose that magic that Christmas seems to bring about for kids. 

I am grateful to have my hubbie there to listen to me and offer his help, whether it just be little things.  I am grateful that our fridge is stocked with food, even though we had to pay for it all by counting change.  Hey we had $50 in coins.  Not bad!  I am grateful for black friday this year!  My hubbie never buys himself anything and I cant wait to get him a flat screen TV for Christmas at a low price!

What is everyone else grateful for or excited for this week?


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