Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Zoe Bean turned three!

On October 22, 2008, my fiances life and mine changed forever and for the better.  I gave birth to a beautiful 7lb baby girl!  Its been a wonderful experience watching her grow and learn.  Zoe Grace (named after her great grandma) just had a third birthday.  We celebrated by going to the magic kingdom for the first time! 

She looks and acts just like me.  Poor thing, she has no patience, shes stubborn, and a worrier.  All traits she got from me.  Shes also caring and has manners, she uses on a daily basis.  Now that she is three its so much fun talking and having conversations with her.  Her imagination is something out of this world and tells us stories of ghosts and mickey mouse. 

Her favorite foods are Chinese food that consists of egg drop soup, shrimp and lomein.  She loves eating the fortune cooking and listening to her fortune, she knows to take a bite first so her fortune comes true!  She can eat her weight in chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and corn!

Zoe's favorite color is purple, she loves trucks and cars and loves cooking in her kitchen.  She wears her pearls almost on a daily basis, in shorts and sneakers. 

Zoe is an expert at cooking scrambled eggs on the stove (with mommy of course) and loves Italians seasoning in them.

Shes proficient in her ABC's and 123's.  She knows all her nursery rhymes by heart and can sing all the theme shows to her cartoons.   

Zoe ages 2 weeks to 3 years!

I Love you Zoe Bean!


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