Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pretty Storage containers made out of household items!

So on my break in October I found some great ideas on pinterest.  One was a paper storage holder made out of a cereal box.  Well I had plenty of those (cereal boxes), so I got to it.  Didn't take me too long, well after I cut up the wrong size box (note: you want to use a smaller box, bigger is not always better, he he)

Here is what it originally looked like:

Just a few cuts, some glue, some pretty scrapbook paper and embellishments and this is what I made....
 OK so maybe the paper placement isn't the best, but it sure does look cute!  The R is for our last name.
 Just because I can, here is another view :)
I love this paper!  It came in a pack that all matched, so what is better then that, its already all matched up for you!  We use it on our desk to hold our bills and odds and ends papers!  We love it!

You can find the tutorial here at katydid and kid.

Now we all know I have ten million cans.  So one morning with the help of my daughter, we made a pen holder, well it holds usbs, staples, markers,  and antibacterial on our desk.  My daughter helped me pick out the paper (scrapbook paper) and then while I cut and glued she told me where to place everything.  This is what we came up with....

Zoe loves pink and purple, so pink and purple it is!

This sits right next to our box on the desk, doesn't match but we aren't a matchy family!

So has anyone else made some awesome storage bins out of trash? 


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