Thursday, November 17, 2011

a little bit of lately's

I was over at one of my favorite blogs today and she posted a lately.  I did a couple before and thought: hey why not do one now.  I can put homework aside for now.....check out retrohipmama's lately over here.

reading: a book called "the next big thing" its about an overweight lady that signs up for a reality show to lose weight.  Its kinda like bad girls club, cept they aren't bad girls, just fat girls. not bad

obsessing: lets see....I have been stressing over school, and obsessing over thinking over math problems and research papers.  I have been making wreaths lately. a post will come soon on those.  I have been at Micheal's a lot lately getting paper to make coasters.  Cant wait to start those!  I have tried a few new recipes that came out good, just haven't recorded them

listening to: BREAKING DAWN SOUNDTRACK! In honor of breaking dawn coming out, I have been listening to it non-stop.  absolutely love it.  Good love songs, and the Bruno mars song, ahhhh! My daughter is getting sick of it. he he

baking/making: nothing lately :(  I did make a yummy corn and potato chowdah.  It was yummy!

looking forward to: breaking dawn premiere tonight!  cant freaking wait!  I really cant wait until this semester is over.  I am so over school.  Looking forward to Christmas this year.

want to accomplish: all my crafts!  so I can sell them! 

watching: the vampire diaries, greys anatomy, the secret circle. those are on my dvr weekly! also pan-am and happily ever after

missing: a life w/o homework! 

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  1. I have been watching Grey's and Vampire Diaries on Netflix, trying to catch up because I hadn't watched them in FOREVER!! Are you going to be selling crafts at a craft show?? etsy?? You'll have to let me know! :) Did u see BD yet?? I saw it today, and reviewed it on the good ol' blog :)hehe


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