Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Photo Challenge

I have a new camera!  And what better way to celebrate that new camera then to do a month long photo challenge!!!  I stole this from my friend over at cloth diapering journey.  Basically you take a picture a day.

So today would be up....

This is looking up from my front porch.  It was such a pretty day out....would have been prettier if it were 70 degree's and 85....just sayin. 

Tomorrow is fruit!  Yum!



  1. It was 72 degrees today and i loved it! Its crazy though because its supposed to be in the 30 degrees tomorrow. In DE we have not had a full winter at all.
    So excited about this photo challenge gives me something to post everyday and then i can come and look at your blog :)

  2. I wish it were 72 here. I had to work outside yesterday and I kept complaining to guests how hot it was lol. we had no winter here. its crazy. cant wait for todays fruit lol

  3. What kind of camera did you get? I'm going shopping on Sunday and need one :(


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