Thursday, June 13, 2013

WITL Days 2 and 3

Hello All!  I'm back in the world on technology!  Tuesday we had a bad storm and it fried our modem for cable.  So they sent us a new and I just got it hooked up.  Hence the late post.  

Is it bad that i cant remember what we did on tuesday!  Ahh, getting old is crap! 

noonish:  Dollar movies, we got there at 1150 and stood in line for 15 minutes to get our tickets and popcorn and drinks.  As soon as I order our tickets the noon showing sold out, so we had to go to the 1225 showing.  I will never do that again.  Every freaking daycare decided to go.  So there were long lines and then they had to buy drinks for all 30 (it seemed like everyday care there had 30  kids each!)  kids so we had to wait until they got all their drinks. The 1225 theater was packed, we were lucky to find seats.  Saw The Croods.  Very cute, but Zoe was over it after an hour.  I was not however, I wanted to stay and watch the end.  So I guess now I have to wait until it comes out on video.  

1:30ish:  Christmas Tree shop is right next door, so we headed over to find something for Dad's day.  He says he wants nothing, well money to contribute to his Boise State game in Seattle, he is going to in August.  Don't get me started on that.  He gets a mini vacation.  Kid and wifeless......Didn't find him anything, but I did find something for me!  After that we headed to ROSS to find something for my sister for her bday next week.  No such luck :(  Then we raced home before the rain hit.  

It matches the hanging things I have for my living room.  Cant wait until the living room is painted so I can hang them up.  

3ish:  We did not make it home before the rain hit. Took forever to get home and I swear 434 turned into a river at one point.  Gotta love summers in Florida.  Those afternoon thunderstorms.  That is what fried my cable box.  So now we have to unplug everything when it storms out.

6ish:  I was in a pissy mood and decided I wasnt making dinner. So we went to our favorite sports bar/grill.  Its not corporate.  Gotta support those small businesses!  We absolutely love it there.  Tuesday is BOGO burgers.  So we got burgers.  (shhhhhhhh....its not ww friendly.....:-/)

Hehe, I always snap pics of him when he is mid chew.

Their homemade fries are the bomb.  They put BBQ sauce on their nachos and I'm kinda obsessed with those as well.

7ish:  Off to walmart we went, starting a new project had to get supplies.

That is it for Tuesday.  


So Richie got home at like 8 and decided to mow the lawn, after it took him forever to figure out how to get the gas in it.......He only did the back yard.  Our yard was bad, like white trash bad.  It was embarrassing.  I cant wait until he does the front! I wont be embarrassed anymore! 

Look at those weeds!  Taller then Zoe! 

Richie hard at work. I stayed inside in the air condition :) 

I decided I didn't want to go to weight watchers since I had that burger the night before, so we headed out and had a coffee date with a friend.  then decided to do some shopping.  So I could avoid cleaning the house. I bought a frame that matches the candle holder I bought yesterday for shelves by the tv.  Things are coming along nicely!  Cant wait until I'm finished decorating and unpacking!

1ish:  As we were headed home I stopped to get us Chinese food.  Next door was a dollar and up store going out of business, everything must go, and boy did they have a lot of xmas stuff!  I was in heaven, but I did not buy any! 

I did pretty good with my food, it was the diet special.

After lunch we hit up the thirst stores, I should have taken pics at the pet one.  She has a dog named Roxy, a fat cat named Rocky and a cockatoo named Kalepso. He is a friendly bird, he danced for us and then decided to hop on my foot.  I hate birds.  We had a parrot growing up and he would nip my heels and chase me, so no birds for me!  I was silently freaking out until the owner took him off my foot! lol. 

So after thrifting, we decided to check out this desserts bakery.  All they had was original cheesecake that you had to pre order, cupcakes and homemade gelato that tasted of freezer burn.  The cupcakes were delish.  Mine was an almond joy one.  

6ish: I actually made some dinner.  Ham and pea fried rice, I'm on a Chinese kick.  I don't know why.  lol.  After that we just hung out and played, when Zoe went to bed I put in season two of True blood, in preparation for Sunday when he new season starts! 

That's all for those days ladies!  I hope I didn't bore you all! lol 



  1. omg BBQ in the nachoes?! aaaahhhh!!! I MUST TRY IT!! I love nachoes and BBQ sauce hehe! best of both worlds! yum! anywho, the rain is pretty crazy this summer ain't it? we are getting all your left overs lol, summer season is oh so fun!... Zoe is getting so big!!!

  2. just so ya'll know. I dont pick her outfits. She picks them herself and right now she is anti girl anything. She thinks shes a boy, wants to wear boy things and play with boy toys. Yalls kid have been thru this too, right?!?! lol

  3. Zoe is so adorable in her clothes :) You honestly can barely tell she picked them herself!

    I'm jealous of all your yummy food pics! I love it when you post recipes!

    We have a Christmas Tree store in our area too. Such great deals! I love it!

    I like the rain but not when I'm driving. You're so brave!

    Hailey and I saw the Croods whenever it first came out... It is really cute :) You'll love the end!


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