Monday, June 17, 2013

WITL Days 4,5,6 and 7

I work Thursday- Sunday, so there were no pictures to be had.  I do nothing fun on those days.  I work long hours and am exhausted by the time I get home.  So this post will be boring :( 

Thursday: I work at night, so during the day we just stayed home and cleaned and did some laundry.  It seems all I do is clean, then Richie is off on Thursday and Friday and the place gets to be a disaster again and I have to start all over again on Monday.  Its a vicious cycle! 

Friday: I worked a short shift, came home.  My mom and sister were out and about so they took Zoe out for lunch and then met up with me when I got home.  Bugged me for an hour or so and put me behind in making my goodies for a friends bbq that night.  Its ok tho, I don't see my sister anymore because Sundays (our family dinner night) she skips out on b/c she has a puppy that annoys my moms old dog.  

I made an eclair cake that was easy and super yummy.  I also made a veggie option for my Mexican dip b/c my friend is a vegetarian.  Then I made this corn, zucchini salad which is delish. 

We headed to the bbq and hung out with all my friends, three came from out of town, one I hadn't seen in forever came as well.  Zoe has a crush on my friends little brother and his friend.  She was grilling her mom about him.  They start young! lol

This is Cathie and Dan (Marianne, Dan will be going to Book Bash with us), all of us have been friends since high school.  Still going strong!  Zoe calls them all Aunts. 

Eclair Cake, seriously make this.  Cept I put a layer of ganache on top because the original recipe for the chocolate on top was a flop.  So good with the ganache.

We roasted marshmallows in 100 degree weather :) 


Thats Mel, with her nephew Miles, they were "playing" pool. 

After the party we went to Shannon's and played ping pong.  That's Mitch and Mel playing.  No pics of me.  I'm always behind the camera, taking bad shots of people and then getting yelled at when I post them on FB :) 

Saturday and Sunday went like this......I went to work, I came home and watched tv or read. That is all!  Exciting life I lead! 

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  1. That eclair cake looks so good!!! Can't wait till book bash!


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