Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Week in the Life

Its that time of year again!  Week in the life blog posts!  Where I can see how the other girls live in different parts of the U.S! 

My day wasn't that eventful, I just painted my dining room, had some friends over to eat some ice cream and chat and then off to work I went.  Came home, watched mistresses, got a free book and went to bed.........boring Monday.  But, my dining room looks awesome and my three hours at work were very profitable!

7 ish: Every morning has to start with a cup of cold coffee and pinterest.

 10ish: getting the dining room ready to paint

Noonish: My friend Cathie helping me and Zoe hiding under the table, not helping us.

 Noonish: Last wall being painted!!!!  Yay!

6ish: This happened while I was at work, I was taking an order on the phone while reading this, so it was all jumbled. haha.  I was super excited! 

That's about it.  I had a profitable night at work, which was nice, considering I never work Mondays and then I came home and vegged.  

Cant wait to see what you ladies are up too! 



  1. I'm jealous of your coffee and pinterest time :( No fair! If only I weren't so lazy, maybe I could get up and do that, too! lol

    Zoe is looking adorable! Glad the painting went well! Can't wait to see what happened today!

  2. painting is a always a big job but it looks great!


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