Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hot food on a cold night!

It's really cold here on the east coast.  Even here in Florida!  I was craving some grilled cheese and tomato soup.  But then I went to the store and they had our favorite caesar salad on sale, so I changed it up a bit.

If you love hot sandwiches, aka paninis then I suggest you invest in a panini grill.  Best thing ever!  It squashes the sandwich and grills it to perfection. 

A few years ago I worked in a little italian deli.  We would have lunch together everyday.  One day he decided to add paninis to the menu and so we experimented...a lot.  He had yummy submarine bread, this awesome herb oil, delicious imported italian cheese, scrumptious italian deli meats (prosciutto..yum). so we ate a lot of hot sandwiches. 

This is where I feel in love with pesto.  Pesto on one side of the sandwich, then real mayo on the other.  I took two slices of cheddar cheese and put that on each slice of bread.  Then I sliced up some tomatoes (because I cant not have a sandwich w/o tomatoes!) added some turkey and then threw it on the grill.  Usually I take some oil and mix it with italian seasoning and brush it on the bread.  It adds a nice touch.  Tonight I was rushing so I just brushed some butter on it.  It only takes minutes on that grill and it comes out crunchy and melty and fantastic!

So what are you all eating on these cold nights??


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