Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So I have been MIA this past week, school started up again.  Which means I haven't cooked anything new, or have done any crafts.  I had a paper already to write, due today.  But its only 500 words.  Easy peasy.  So I decided to do a little bit of latelys.......
reading: Right now I am reading a really long, kinda angsty ff.  But I have bought a ton of books, including nook books.  I think its a sickness.  I bought two books from the traveling pants series, bridget jones books 1 and 2.  A thousand splendid suns.  Derailed ( I'm blanking right now on that one...lol its the movie with Jenn aniston.  my fave that she is in)  A fannie flag book (shes a good author).  As for my nook, I think I have bought like 10......but some are like .99 so that's OK!  The books I get from goodwill that are .99 so that is how I justify my spending! haha.

obsessing: moving!  we are moving again!  its seems to me that we move at the beginning of each school semester.  not during breaks.  no we like to move right when i start school back up again!  I wish we were going to a house, I'm just not ready to settle in Florida.  Our dreams are to go back to Washington.  Anywhere but Florida really!  We are moving to a bigger 2bedroom/2bath.  Zoe's room will be bigger and my kitchen will be bigger!  That is what matters to me! lol.  I also bought a new couch, so I cant freaking wait to get it!  Its a big red sectional.    I am in love.  and of course I have to get new accents because mine are all black and I need brown to match the couch.  So I have been obsessing about that lately as well.

listening to: I just downloaded a bunch of new songs on my ipod.  I splurged and bought an itunes card.  I like going to the top singles and getting whats new.  Loving Flo ridas good feeling and will.i.am's T.H.E.  I am also loving me some Bon Iver...which is at the total opposite spectrum as the hip hop I just listed! lol.  His older album for emma.  love it!

baking/making: I plan on making zucchini bread today!  I also made a crockpot chili last week, that came out pretty tasty.  I am not a chili fan, but the hubs is.  There is a funny story with that recipe.

looking forward to: Moving into our new place and getting things organized.  Hopefully throwing a lot of junk out.  I am eliminated a few things, but I want to junk more!

want to accomplish: I am going to get a booth at the farmers market next month!  I am going in with a friend of my moms.  Looking really forward to that!

watching: Pretty little liars is back on!  Also pan am, once upon a time, vd, greys, secret circle.  Those are all on the dvr!

missing: my grandma.
So what have you been up to lately? 


  1. I like the list of books you've bought lately :) bridget jones 1 &2 are on my want to read list. Speaking of books, I know you've read the Hunger Games and I'm thinking about reading them but I am hesitant to buy them :/ what's your advice? I also like the idea of latelys :)

  2. Love the idea of latelys might have to borrow this from you : )
    cant wait to hear how it goes for you at the farmers market!
    Gotta love .99 nook books. I always go to goodreads and reads reviews on them and then decide which ones to get. I havent read in a week It been crazy around here.

    how was the zucchini bread?

    I'm thinking about switching my blog to blogspot from tumblr. I more room to do things in blogspot


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