Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's Been Awhile.....

I know, I fail at life sometimes.  Needed a break, gonna be pro active this summer and write more posts and share more recipes, pictures and DIY'S!

reading: I am still on my KA kick, and by KA I mean Kristen Ashley.  She is awesome, like ROCK CHICK awesome.  I wish my life was like one of her novels, cept maybe the dumb girls in it.  Not all are dumb, but most are.  Then again that wouldn't make for drama filled, soap opera'ish reading, now would it?  Check her out, b/c she is fabulous. I got one friend hooked and if I could hook more friends, believe me I would!  

obsessing: I need some order in my life! Its pretty bad when you've been in your new residence for three months and still aren't full unpacked!  Pathetic, I know.  Again this summer will be filled with organizing  painting, decorating and getting our life in somewhat of a less chaotic state of being!  

listening to: I love Thrift Shop, its my mantra. Enough said. 

baking/making: Well I just started weight watchers, so I will be eating lots of yummy veggies and fruits because they are zero points, but my recipes I try out now will be calculated by point values, but I do have some award winners that I will share in later posts.  Really I mean it, I will do more posts! I will keep up this summer!!!!!

looking forward to: No school for THREE MONTHS!  Making a trip to North Carolina to visit my dad and his girlfriend.  And getting unpacked.  Woohoo! 
want to accomplish: Third bedroom needs to be completed by June 29th because Marianne will be in town, so we can meet KA!  WOOHOO!!!  An entire month of a photo a day thing on instagram and getting my garage cleaned out and everything in its rightful place so I can actually decorate at holidays this year!
watching: The usual, Vampire Diaries, Awkward, Greys, New Girl, Revolution, and Rupauls Drag Race (gotta represent my girl Roxxy Andrews!  Where my people at??!!) OMG, totally became obsessed with The Walking Dead, the hubs bought me a new dvd player that accesses the internet so I can get netflix on the tv.  Started watching Walking Dead with the hubs and now am totally bummed I have to wait until August to see the third season!   

missing: I can definitely say I am not gonna miss homework or school this summer! HAHA!

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