Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weight Watchers

I started weight watchers on Wednesday, for the 15th millionth time.  I have had success in the past, just gained it all back.  Why? Because I stopped making my healthy choices and went back to the bad ones.   Its a vicious cycle.  Its either one extreme or the next, but never happy medium between the two.  This time I am dedicated.  I have a goal and I want to meet it before I turn 30!  Which is in one year and three months!

Weight Watchers isn't about eating "their" food.  Its about making healthy choices when you eat.  Its all based on a points system and you can eat regular food, just in moderation.  Moderation is key, portioning out your food it key and exercising, whether it be walking the job, to running on a treadmill, being more active really helps.  

I found these wraps at the grocery store called Flat Out, I got the multi-grain with flax and its only three points for the entire thing.  You could make a wrap with your favorite veggies and lunch meat in it or you could make it into a pizza.  This is what I do. 

My flatbread lunch 5 points

I spread 2 T of hummus on it which is 2 points and then top it with a bunch of veggies, like cherry tomatoes, black olives, sprouts, cucumbers (most veggies are worth zero points).  Really the ideas are endless.  I cut it up into 6 "slices" and pared it with half an apple and I had a nice filling lunch.  

I also had to work that night and I found these cute little mini triscits.  28 crackers for 3 points.  

 snack 5 points
This was a little high in points for a snack, but I noshed on it through out my short shift and it kept me satisfied, until I got home to eat my huge salad I was craving all day!  The cheese was a weight watcher cheese.  I just cut it up so I could have cheese and crackers. 

I'm hoping this next week I'll make some yummy WW recipes that I can share!



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  2. this looks yummy! and I have a box of those mini tricuits so good with cheese.i'm really going to think about doing weight watchers. I just dont know if i'm ready lol

  3. You're doing great!! I found these wraps at the store, Ole Tortilla Wraps High Fiber. They are only 1 pt a wrap!!!! I use them for sandwiches, tacos, everything!! If I get them on sale the orowheat sandwich thins are good too, but they can be uber pricey. Do you like roasted seaweed at all?? I get the Annie Chun's roasted seaweed snacks...2pts!! Uber yummy and help satisfy my chip craving lol. Keep up the good work :)

  4. 1 points for them! I will look for them in the store! Thanks!


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