Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Recipes

I have been making some new dishes lately, haven't really kept up on taking pictures of them, but they sure were tasty.  What I did take pictures of I will gladly post in this post! 

First, we will start off with the cookie cups.  Who doesn't love sugar cookies?!  Why not make them in a cup fashion and put some fruit and cool whip in them, yes please.  But, first let me show you the failed attempt at them.......

Pinterest fail at its best!

Second batch, came out perfect!  They are easy peasy, I just bought the roll of sugar cookies in the store, tore off little parts and rolled it into a ball, pressed it into a greased mini cupcake pan and baked according to directions (maybe a few minutes less).  Once they are out, poke the middles and let sit for a few minutes.  Twist them out and fill er' up!  I cut up strawberries, pineapples and threw some blueberries in it.  You could be all fancy and make homemade whip cream and pipe it on.  I was in a rush and spooned it on.  Everyone loved them!  

6 can soup and then some

Found it on a blog called creativity through food.

I added some noodles and sour cream to make it creamy, instead of ranch style beans I use kidney (rinsed).  Then I pare it with some good 'ol cornbread! This has been made several times in my household.  We love it dearly and its super easy and quick!

Some Shrimp and Lemon Pasta, very lemony, very yummy.  Found at damn delicious

Scrambled Egg and Cheese Eggrolls with some country gravy.  These were fun, just made some scrambled eggs and piled it in my wonton wrappers, topped it with cheese and fried them up.  Delish and a nice change from the usual plain old scrambled eggs. 

Oh yeah, you know you've seen the pictures on pinterest.  Don't be discouraged. This is super easy!  Make some homemade meat sauce or use bottled which ever you prefer.  I made my own sauce and all though it came out a tad too sweet we still enjoyed it.  Lining the noodles up took only minutes and I went that extra mile and injected almost every noodle with some ricotta, because if I am going to have a ziti like dish I have to have my ricotta cheese baked in!  It was yummy, and so pretty to look at.  I just wanted to sit and stare at it!  

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  1. That soup looks delish! I'm gonna have to check it out!

  2. everything looks delish made the 6 can soup a bit ago and it was delish just like you said it was. next i need to try the cookie fruit cups yum!

  3. and some of that scrambled egg and cheese roll!

  4. You r such an awesome cook!! it all looks yum!


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