Monday, March 5, 2012

Late photos

So the weekends get pretty busy around here.  That is where I get a bulk of my hours of work from, so I'm super tired when I come home.  Hence, the photos being late.

Day 3: Neighborhood.  This is what you see when you step out on my front porch.  The one thing I like about this complex, so many pretty trees.

Day 4: bedside.  Now that I have such a comfy couch, haha. I don't spend so much time in bed watching TV.  The only thing I have on there is my busted copy of breaking dawn (don't get me started!) and two Clifford's.  He keeps me safe at night.....

Anyone else doing the challenge?


1 comment:

  1. pretty nice view from your front porch. I wish i had more trees around my house.

    oh oh busted bd dvd???whats wrong?


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