Monday, March 19, 2012

Week in the 1

Last summer, my twi mom friends and I did a fun week in the life project.  Where we document our week in pictures and play out our days on our blogs.  It was super fun the first time around and we are doing it again!  Its a great way to see whats going on in our lives and catch up.  Everyone gets so busy and even tho we may have never met each other, I still consider these ladies good, good friends of mine! 

So here is my day one:

7:30- While zoe watches her cartoons, I drink my coffee and check emails and fb.  Well couponsunited had a coupon for $2 shirts (you design) so I found one that was worlds greatest dad and made one for Richie, from zoe.  Then I thought oooo, Ill make a peeta one, yeah stipulation.  Only 1 shirt for $2.  Poo.  So i decided on the shirt for Richie. 
Then I pin, because my day is not complete unless I pin.  Its my zen.  Or I am just totally obsessed :)

9:30- Off to the hospital we go, my mom came with us this time.  I had to go back for my 2nd set of chest x-rays.  Hopefully my pneumonia is gone.  I'm so over being sick.
The parking sucks at this hospital...just sayin.
11:00- lunch.  Zoe is on a chinese kick.  We go like twice a week. Its horrible and I am going broke.  But sometimes I am just too tired to cook, but my mom and I are getting sick of chinese food lol. 

This one is our fav b/c they do kids chop sticks, they have fishies we can say hi and bye to and they have unlimited sushi and hibatchi.  yumm-o!
1ish-  headed home, this pneumonia kicks my ass, so after this morning I was exhausted so we headed back to our place and my mom and I fell right asleep with zoe in between us and watched scooby-doo.
3:30- my mom headed home and Zoe and I played outside.  It was a pretty day out, not too much humidity.
I decided to replant my pretty plant I got for $.99, the guys that do the lawn, blows our front porches and ruined it.  So I am hoping it I can resurrect it! (ooo and I planted it in a collender!  I saw a pin for it! lol)
While I was doing this a freaking frog jumped on my foot!   A FROG!  I hate frogs, and there is this one that is always on my darn porch!  I hate it, I scream and jump around like a crazy lady for a few minutes and the stupid frog just sits there and watches me and doesnt leave!

4:00-quiet time!
Zoe stole my new moon blanket and wont give it back.  Richie taught her to call Edward "pale face"  I dont think its funny.  Ok I do, but Zoe gets a kick out of it when I get mad and tell her "no! its edward cullen!!" lol. 
5:30- off to school until 8:45.  I thought I was going to die in class tonight.  This teacher is just so confusing!
9:00- home and starving.  Made some quick corned beef hash and sat down to watch DWTS and Pretty little liars! 

That's my day!  See ya'll tomorrow!



  1. I didn't know you had pneumonia!!! Some friend I am :( I hope you are doing better!

    I have to admit I laughed SO HARD at "pale face" lol Very clever!

    Zoe has it right with the Chinese - so so yummy! I'm happy to see what you've been up to! Love this week <3

  2. Ava stole my NM blanket too!! LOL Tom had Ethan saying "That's Edward, he sparkles like a princess's tiara." LOL

    Pneumonia sucks! So sorry to here you got it. Tom has asthma and gets it like once every other year. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Iheart peeta too! lol

    had me laughing the other day about the pale face, lol

    that corned beef hash looks yummy!!!


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