Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WITL day 2

Lets see, our day started out at 7:30, Marianne texted me to let me know that the 15 second trailer for BD 2 was up, so I had to get up and watch it real quick lol.  Have you ladies seen it??  Such a tease, 15 seconds!  ugh. 
9am- off to the doctors office we go.  I'm so sick of doctors.. anyways, my chest x-rays show that the pneumonia has cleared!  Yay, but now I have a sore throat from Zoe, I think we will just keep passing each other our colds.  I was told I cant exercise for another week.  Bummer.  I just joined weight watchers.  Like the day I started feeling sick from the pneumonia (of course I didn't think I had it then, otherwise I would have waited.  Cuz I'm wasting $43 this month)
10am-went to visit my mom to tell her how the doc went.  I also got meds for my dizziness.  She said I have a lot of fluids in my ears, so that is what is making me so dizzy.  I had to leave work 3 times last week because I was so dizzy I couldn't walk straight.  And with my job there is no time to sit and rest.  So Zoe played a computer game with grandma for a bit.  Then we went to winter park to drop of pampered chef stuff for a friend. 
Then we stopped at the bread store.  Got all this loot for $9.  Cant beat that!  I love those bagel thins, sometimes a full bagel is just too much.  This way a thin one is just enough bread and low in calories.  I stopped the get lunch, not diet food!  Went home to relax.
I splurged and got a cooking light magazine!  Do you guys have publix up by you?  If not you are missing out!  They have the best subs!  She really loaded mine up with black olives. there was like two cans on there lol.  Subway has nothing on these publix subs!
1:30-nap time!  Zoe isn't feeling well, so its a fight for everything!
6pm-off to school I go!  Tuesday nights are my favorite class.  18th and 19th century humanities.  We watched Goya's Ghosts, not a biography, but more of a artistic approach to why Goya painted what he did.  Goya was the painter to Spain's king in the late 1700's.  He then started painting what he wanted, which was unheard of in that time.  He did some gross images of the war during that time (french revolution)  It was a good movie.  Now I have to write a research paper on it, that and his Black paintings series.  Wanna help Marianne?? lol. 
9pm- Home from school and dealing with work drama.  Always fun. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!



  1. your blog never fails to make me hungry lol. Its 9:30 am and i want a sub now lol forget breakfast.Glad the pneumonia has cleared. hate having a sore throat just got over having one.

    Ohh goya.I remember studying goya in art school. i even did a painting of his clothed maya in my own style. wonder where i stashed that at. if i find it i'll have to show it to you.

  2. maya is that one of his regular ladies he painted? Please do show me ! :) i really enjoyed the movie. hopefully I can find good info about him when i start my paper.

  3. Yey for no more pneumonia!!!!!! No, I don't have a publix... Just subway and a really great local sub shop - The Whole Darn Thing - SO GOOD.

    You'll have to let me know how Weight Watchers is... That TurboJam thing I got in January bored me so much. I have shake weight too, but it hurts! I suppose that means it's working though lol

    I hope you and Zoe start feeling 100% soon! See you tomorrow!


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