Sunday, March 25, 2012

WITL day 5

Here is day 5!!

We started our day out by going out to breakfast at perkins.  Zoe didn't eat a thing, Richie and I however stuffed ourselves silly!
Then we headed to the verizon store.  Bought my mom her very own cell phone!

I had zoe in the cutest spring dress, but she refused to wear shoes.  I was tired and hungry, so I agreed to let her wear her elmo slippers.  Sometimes ya just gotta pick your battles! lol

10:30-1pm I was at work.  Then headed to boutique for a week.  It last for three days and its a big consignment shop.  They go to local churches and on the last day you can get stuff half off.  There are kids clothes, maternity clothes, toys, baby stuff, etc.  I am thinking of becoming a consigner for the next one. I have so many old clothes from zoe I should go thru and get rid of. Why not make money of it??

We gave my mom her cell and then we ate dinner at like 4 pm, lol.  I had to leave for the movies at 5:15.

Waiting for the hunger games with the ladies! 

Loved the movie!

Day 6:  I worked all day long.  Then came home and sat on the couch lol.  I was so freaking tired, work exhausted me! 

Talk to ya'll soon, hope your weekends are great!


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  1. I know what you mean about the battles. The other day was pajama day at school so Ava wore PJs. Well Ethan refused to change into real clothes because his sister got to wear PJs. LOL Some days the little things like that are soooo noth worth fighting over :)


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