Monday, March 12, 2012


Turns out I had/have pneumonia.  It's my spring break from school, two actual days off with no work, or no school, and I get stuck at home with pneumonia.  Go figure!  It's a pain in the butt sickness.  I had so many antibiotics, and the side effects from those alone contributed to my sickness.  I have been on the couch and sleepless since wednesday!  I just started getting sleep on Saturday....but hey I lost 3.4 lbs at weight watchers and I got an unpaid vacation from work!  Not so much vacation.  I got nothing accomplished!  Its hard for me to sit still, but this sickness made me.  So now I have money to catch up on and a messy house to clean to make up for my "week" off.  I couldnt even catch up on reading!!  Can you believe that!  The meds made me so lightheaded it hurt to concentrate on something too long.  I did get some pictures in.  Not all, but some......

I dont even drink whiskey, me and dark not mix....but this is one of my fav shirts.  Its big and comfy, and I lounged in it practically all week. 

 I'm Irish and can't not have my St. Patty's day decor up.  I have little flags outside as well along the walk way!  Already bought my corned beef, just need cabbage and get all the ingredients for my irish soda bread!   I'm making a ton of loaves this year!

Oh my beautiful couch, how I love thee, how I am kinda sick of you because I sat in your corner spot for a week straight!  I still love you tho......just avoiding you for a bit....

I haven't been out in a week, so other then my close family members and hospital or doctors office people, you get a picture of the hubs! 

That's all she wrote for this week!  I am feeling a lot better today and it's so pretty out, I may just sneak out to joannes for some fabric...upcoming craft.

Talk to you soon!


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  1. Glad you're feeling better!!! Love love your red couch!


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