Thursday, January 23, 2014

30 Day Challenge 20-23

I'm kinda proud of myself for sticking with this project.  When ever I try to do the monthly photo challenge I fail miserably!  Lets start shall we.....

Day 20: How important do I think education is? Very.  Why?  When I was in school I knew what I wanted to do, therefore I slacked.  Big time.  Now, I am back in school and while I don't find it too hard, I wish I would have applied myself more in high school while learning these things.  Because now, I soak it up like a sponge and enjoy it so much! 

Day 21: One of my favorite shows.  Hmmm.....which one to pick.....I have a lot.  I guess I'll go with Once Upon a Time.  If you haven't seen this show, then you must!  It takes these fairy tales and intertwines them with each other and makes them interesting.  Hook is a hottie, prince charming is a hottie, cant go wrong! 

Day 22: How have I changed in the past two years.  Not much I don't think.  I am trying very hard to be a glass half full person. Its not as easy as it sounds.  I tend to be a negative person in a lot of aspects, so that is a constant struggle.  

Day 23: Now the fun part!!!!  Give pictures of 5 famous guys whom I find attractive......YIPPEE.  

Robert Pattinson, I mean come on.  He tops this list.  Although he looks like a hobo a lot of the time, the accent of his will prevail each and EVERY time.  I love this man. mmmmmmmm........those eyes!

Colin Firth, I love this man.  Again with the accent.  I have a thing for brits, what can I say?  Hes older, and such a good actor how can you not think he is delectable? 

Jesse Williams.  Words don't do this man justice.  Enough said.

Channing Tatum.  The man can DANCE.  I love a man that can dance!  Hes not so bad on the eyes either!

And last but not least.....

Mr. Swayze.  He was my first ever crush.  I watched Dirty Dancing with my mom every weekend almost.  I pretended to be baby, I wanted the coral dress and the high heels, I wanted to dance with Patrick.  I was heartbroken when this man died. See, what I mean about a man that can dance!?!? 

Now, this last one I actually had to google, because I couldnt come up with them on the top of my head.  Cept for Rpatz and Patrick.  Now, if you asked me fictional characters from books, then I could have those listed one, two, three.  Tack from Motorcycle Man, Hop from Fire Inside, Max from The Gamble, Apollo from Broken Dove, Lee from Rock Chicks 1, I could go on....Edward from Twilight, Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, Romeo, Bill from Sookie Stackhouse series.   I guess I should stop now before I embarrass myself. 

Share with me your famous men :) 



  1. Patrick Swayze would be on my list too! For pretty much the same reasons. My mom and I watched that movie all the time when we were not watching Grease. And so would Channing Tatum. I also love Sean Connery yes he is old but the accent does it for me every time! Chris Evans (Captain America) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor). I love superheroes!

  2. Yes those Hemsworth boys are easy on the eyes! lol


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