Saturday, January 4, 2014

30 day Challenge

I am partaking in a 30 day challenge and no it has nothing to do with pictures!  I fail at that every damn time.  So, hopefully I can keep up with this.  Cept, now I have to do 4 days in one........

My friend Megan (check her blog out, I found her to be a hoot!) over at the chronicles ofa tea drinker invited me, along with our other twilight mom friends to participate.  Its something different, so why not.  

Day 1: What is my current relationship status?  Married/engaged, but on government documents I am single....does that make sense.  No, I am not legally married, yes, we have been engaged since November 2007, no I have no plans on getting married anytime soon.  Why?  Because, we already have the marriage.  We already vowed that we want to be with each other till the end of our days, we want to build a life together and have more kiddos.  I am waiting because I want a wedding, a big ol' party.  I want a day where it is all about me and my hubbie.  I constantly make days special for other people, and am never in the limelight and that's ok, I don't prefer to be.  But, I want my wedding day to be focused on us.  Oh yeah, it would be nice if I were skinnier in my "off" white wedding dress. That would be a plus too!  

Day2: Where would I like to be in 10 years.  O-M-G, lets not discuss my age.  But for damn sure, I better be owning my own house, owning my own business and skinnier with two more kids.  That's that! 

Day3: My views on drugs and Alcohol.  Just say NO! ?  Well, I did partake in the drinking aspect, but that was before I hit 21.  I made stupid decisions, I partied from 18-20 and then stopped.  It was out of my system.  All though my 21st birthday now that was an experience. Lets just say my sisters bar took care of me and really got me wasted and universal city walk security had to wheel chair me to the car, that's how bad I was.  I don't think I have been that bad since and I am now 29.  I have smoked cigarettes and cigars, but only while I was drunk and I can count on my hand how many times that was.  I have never partaken in illegal drugs and I am really, really ok with that.  I see no need for those things, if my life was that bad I would find other ways to improve it and not take a downer or upper to make things disappear for a bit.  When I want to escape my stressful reality, I read.  That would be my drug of choice.  I wont look down on you if you do, do drugs and experiment, I don't have people close to me that do that kind of things  I will say tho, if you are stupid enough to get into the car while drunk or high for that matter and kill someone else that you deserve every punishment the law throws at you and then some.  Those are my thoughts, if you don't agree that is fine.  I will never get into the car even if I have had one drink.  My hubbie and I always switch off.  I have someone very precious at home that needs her mama.  

Day4: My views on religion.  I think its nice to believe in something of a higher power.  I do believe in god, I have never read the bible, and I do not attend church at all.  I do live my life with morals and think other people should as well, I don't think I need a bible to tell me how to do that.  I do plan on reading the bible one day, why?  Because its one of the best stories ever written.  I have not baptized my daughter, why?  Because, when she gets older I want her to pick what she wants to believe in or not believe in.  I don't want to tell her what to believe in.  You do that and then they will grow up to despise it (again my opinion).  With that said, I find all religions fascinating.  I would like to learn others belief systems and continue to keep my mind open to other beliefs. 

Feel free to comment on anything!  


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