Sunday, January 19, 2014

A little bit late.......days 14-19

By the time day 16 came around I was so busy I completely forgot!  

Day 14: Your earliest memory.  I remember being a wee little one, watching probably football or baseball downstairs and my mom picking me up and putting me in my bedroom upstairs to go take a nap.  I remember it clear as day.  Isn't that crazy! Nothing special about it, just I vividly remember it. 

Day 15: Your favorite tumblrs.  If I knew what those were I would post them. But, alas I do not.  What are they?!  Someone explain them to me please!

Day 16: My views on mainstream music. Is it bad to have mainstream music?  I love all music.  Of course being on the radio I tend to lean towards those songs more.  Why? Because I simply don't have time to find underground, indie, unknown artists.  I am open to listening to them.  I have found some groups through friends before they made it mainstream like Of Monsters and Men and I absolutely love them.  When I was younger I loved discovering new groups or bands.  When I was younger we didn't have the internet the way we do now.  Now, you can youtube and find anything.  I just simply don't have the time but I love all music.  

Day 17: My highs and lows of the past year.  My high would be moving into a house (rent) that we will stay in for a few years to come.  My lows, probably work.  Its been a struggle getting the hours. Drained my savings supplementing my paychecks to so I could stay a float.  2014 is looking better for that so far.  Book bash would be a high.  That day was so much fun!  We went on a nice family vacation and are planning our next one for early 2015.  I would say the work problem being my only low oh and getting a C in one of my classes. I learned absolutely nothing in that class and the C really brought my GPA down.  More highs then lows! 

Day 18: My beliefs.  My beliefs in what exactly?  Hmmm...well I was not raised going to church, while I do believe in God, I don't live day to day by what the bible says.  Nor do I look down on those who do.  Only if you throw it in my face over and over again.  I live my life according to MY morals.  I learn from others mistakes and I think that is what has molded me into the person I am.  I am pro choice.  I don't think a group of people should decide for me what I can and cannot do with MY body.  I have a conscience, I don't condone those who say get an abortion. Its their right to decide that, not mine.  I personally don't think I could do that, but I think the choice for me should be up to me and say my partner, depending on the situation.  I could probably go on and on, but I will not.  

Day 19: Disrespecting your parents. Don't do it.  Its rude.  Some parents let their children get away with it.  When I was younger I watched my mom get talked to like crap and I vowed to her at a young age that I would NEVER say those unkind words to her.  And I have not.  I may snap here and there, but I apologize afterwards when I have seen the error of my ways.  You should respect all people that are older then you.  Its polite.  If you disagree with something then talk about it like the adult you are.  The older people (I'm talking older generation , like grandparents age) have lived longer then you, they have seen more then you, learn from that.  If you don't agree then move on.  No need to be rude to them or treat them like crap. I worked for this company a long time ago that employed a lot of older people that did not speak a lot of English.  They were hard workers and got the job done and they were very nice.  I watched the one person of authority rip into one because he did something wrong (this gentlemen was say your grandpa, thats how older he was). Talked to them like they were the dirt on the bottom of their shoes.  Yes, they messed up.  Address the issue, hey write them up even.  But, to talk to them like that was inexcusable.  It was disgusting and to this day I will not buy their products. I have no respect for them. So when it comes to disrespecting your parents don't. 

I'm all caught up!  Feel free to comment your opinions, whether you agree or not.  All is welcome! 


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