Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fresh Corn Salad

I have made this side dish several times and I absolutely love it!  The ingredients are raw and the citrus vinaigrette is delicious! 

You could probably use any veggies you would like.  I stick with the corn, zucchini and tomatoes.  I have cooked my corn and left it raw. Its really up to you.  I made this for my friends baby shower yesterday and actually took a picture of it to blog about!  

Its a great dish to bring to bbq's.   You know get those veggies in and the dressing I would use on a salad I love it that much! 

I originally got the recipe from  I slightly changed.  Just slight. 

Fresh Corn Salad:

4     ears of corn
2-3  Zucchini 
1 pt.Cherry tomatoes
handful of basil (chopped, chiffoned, whichever you prefer) 
4 T. rice wine vinegar
1 T. honey
1 T. fresh lime juice
salt and pepper

Cut off the kernels from the corn.  I learned from Rachel Ray to put a mini bowl upside down in a bigger bowl.  Place your cobb on top of that and cut the kernels off.  It makes it super easy to get the knife all the way down the cobb (then all your kernels are in the bowl you need to use!).  Dice up your zucchini, halve your tomatoes and chop your basil and throw all of that in a bowl.  

Mix all the wet ingredients together and throw on top of veggies.  Mix well, cover and let sit in the fridge for a few hours to blend the flavors.  Right before serving top with some salt and pepper (to taste).

All done!  Easy peasy!


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