Monday, January 20, 2014



I cant even remember the last time I did a current post!  So here goes.....

Reading: I just finished Broken Dove by Kristen Ashley. I LOVED it.  It was the 5th in the series I believe.  I read the others a looooong time ago, so when the other characters entered I was a tad bit confused, but the book was back to old school KA style of writing so that is what I loved most about it.  Once she got a publisher some of her newer books have been cut short and not as detailed as she usually is.  So this book had all that I love about her writing in it.  I was pleasantly pleased!

Laughing: Im always laughing about something.  Most of the time its from what the kiddo does or says.  

Listening to: I love Lorde right now, and timber by keisha and pit bull.  Oh, and The Neighbourhood.  Love Sweater Weather! 

Wearing: Jeans, jeans and more jeans.  Its been cold in florida.  Too bad I have no sweaters anymore!  So, I've been rocking my one and only glittery sweatshirt. 

Watching: I'm digging Super Fun Night with Rebel Wilson.  Any show where the lead is not super skinny, I am in.  The first episode didn't really grab me, its was the second that did.  I'm a sucker for a love story. 

Eating: I made a new crockpot recipe last night.  Cowboy something or other. It was yummy.  Of course I'll blog about it.  I need to get back into that.  My pictures have sucked lately.  I do them too quickly and it takes away from the pretty food I am consuming. 

Craving: Food, I am hungry non stop lately.  

Getting ready for: School.  I am taking a class that I put off and put off and I am really dreading it.  I dont understand it, its an 80/20 course and I'm just lost.  I go in tomorrow to do an impromtu speech, which sucks by the way.  Not happy. 

Working on: Cleaning my house.  What else is new.  I plan on decorating the bedrooms this year.  Zoe's room is a disaster and I am afraid to go into it.  Hopefully we can fix that this year! 

Whats current with you all??

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