Monday, January 13, 2014

30 Day Challenge Days 11-13

Day 11: Put your ipod on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs. Well my ipod is completely dead so Ill be hitting shuffle on my itunes library. 

1. Remix- New Kids on the Block.  I saw them in concert and while I was not a fan of theirs when I was younger, believe it or not they were kinda before my time, I really enjoyed their concert!

2. Whatta Man- Salt-n-Pepa.  This song brings me back to the old days! 

3. London Bridge- Fergie.  I love this album. 

4. A Thousand Years, pt. 2.- Christina Perry.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this song!  Thought it was perfect for Twilight!

5. Pardon Me- Incubus.  Make yourself album.  Best one ever!  I remember going to another high schools talent show because my friends were into this band and they sang this song for their talent.  Love it. 

6. The Forgotten- Green day.  This is from the twilight sage breaking dawn soundtrack.  Eh, not one of my faves from them.  

7. Sweet Nothing- Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch. I'm not big into techno.  But I love two Calvin Harris songs!  Sweet nothing because it has my girl Florence in it!

8. From Finner- Of Monsters and Men.  I love this group. 

9. Blown Away- Carrie Underwood.  I love the lyrics in this song.  Very poignant. 

10. Boyfriend- Justin Bieber.  Yes I have Bieber on my ipod.  I will now hide in shame.....

Day 12: Bullet your entire day.  This is gonna be boring. 

  • 7:46 am-wake up and let hubbie in the house. 
  • 8:30 am- finally get out of bed.  Coffee STAT
  • 9:00 am- sit and go on pinterest and blog
  • 9:30 am- make breakfast
  • 10 am- give kid a bath
  • 11:50 am- leave to bring kid to school
  • noon- start cleaning house
  • 1pm- the chew starts
  • 2pm- the talk on CBS
  • 3pm- ellen is on!
  • 3:10- pick up kid
  • 4pm- wake up hubbie
  • 4:30pm- start dinner
  • 5pm- leave for class
  • 6-9pm- business law class
  • 10pm- go to bed
Now all through out my day I will be cleaning my house (because it is a disaster) taking down xmas decorations (dont judge) and doing laundry, sorting, folding and putting away.  Today I plan on staying home in my pjs and doing all this.  Hopefully it pans out. 

Day 13: Somewhere you would like to move or visit. 

Well we would love to move back to Washington sate.  I dont see that happening.  Its too expensive there.  Maybe another state tho.  

There are a ton of places I want to visit tho, like Sun Valley, Idaho (hubbie grew up there), Oregon Coast, Colorado, Cali, too many places across the ocean I want to visit.  I want to go all through Europe one day!

What about you all? Where do you wan to visit??

Until next time!

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