Monday, January 27, 2014

30 Day Challenge: 24-27

Day 24: Whats my favorite movie and what is it about?  Lets see, I dont have a favorite per say. I do have some that I can watch over and over again.  Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte, with Betty Davis.  Its a suspense mystery.  Betty Davis is being asked to move out of her plantation so they can build a road and she wont go, so her cousin comes in to help but things go crazy with the ghost of Bettys married ex-lover.  

I also love Pride & Prejudice with Kiera Knightly.  Its about a family of five girls and their mother wanting them to get married off.  Then comes Mr. Darcy and he is mean at first and Elizabeth doesnt like him, then she sees the error of her ways when she finds out all the sweet and wonderful things he does for her.

Dirty Dancing.  I made Richie go see this with me when they put it back in the movie theaters a few years ago for some anniversary. It was all middle aged woman, and it was GREAT seeing it on the big screen!  I love all dance movies really, even if they are corny.  Dancing and singing.  I love them! 

Day 25: Someone who fascinates me and why.  Really cant answer this one. I have not had enough coffee to articulate an intelligent response.   

Day 26: What kind of person attracts you?   I'm confused. Does that mean who am I attracted to, or who gravitates towards me?  Ill go with the second.  If I'm out in a store, there is always that one person that needs someone to talk to and I guess I have the kind of face (my mom as well) who attracts them.  Random people talk to me all the time or ask me for help all the time when I'm out shopping.   

Day 27: A problem that I have had.  Who hasn't had problems.  I cant think of a major problem. I deal with little problems every day. I guess my daily struggle as of late is trying to balance a household, school, family and work.  That defiantly is a daily struggle! Im' still trying to find the energy to deal with it all! 

Feel free to share your views! 


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