Thursday, July 14, 2011

A day at the Zoo

Hello All!   Tuesday we took Zoe to the Tampa Zoo.  We had never been there before, but we have friends that live close to that area, so I thought it would be nice to head down there spend some time with them and see a new zoo.  Our zoo here isn't bad, but we have been so many times (we have a membership) that it kinda gets old after awhile.  I think Zoe had fun, I was so proud of myself for getting her bag packed the day before, snacks, juices, diapers, wipes, lil swimmers, bathing suit, first aid, sunscreen, bug spray.....yet I forget that its a 2 hour car ride and I brought the kid no toys to entertain her for the drive there!  She was good tho, didn't complain once.  Just looked really bored in the back seat hehe.  We get there just after it opened.  Which is the best time to go, before all the crowds hit.  The zoo was great!  They had so many animals.  Our zoo pales in comparison.  Zoe rode a horse for the first time, she petted goats, went on the merry go round, she fed a giraffe!  It was hotter then you know what, but we still had fun :)

 Zoe's first time on a pony!
 Feeding Billy the giraffe
 My favorite part, these two elephants playing in the water.

We had a great time, we want to go again, but I think we will wait until the weather is more pleasant!

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