Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Epsom salts and pretty jars

So I am finally getting around to posting my craft I made last week.  I had some glass jars from pasta sauces I had used. I cleaned those out and removed the paper.  Took some mod podge I had and mixed it with food coloring.  I then painted it on the glass jars.  I did one green and one yellow.  I wanted green because I have green plates and green cups.  I had to do two coats on the green.  I think I should of stuck with one coat.

Finished project. I think they came out cute, if I ever have a nice dinner I will set these out.  If you don't mind the streaks and I don't, then it's an easy, and quick craft to do!  Costs nothing!

I put epsom salts in my jars, one because I saw some cute mason jars with them in it called snow, and it was a pain to put the candles in!  Here are some other crafts I found you can do with epsom salts.  Cheap too, found a nice size package at the dollar store!

If you click this you can find some pretty candles rolled in epsom salts.  It looks sparkly and pretty!

This would be a cute gift for someone and cheap to make as well!



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