Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New to the blog world

Hi!  I'm Alex.  This is my first time blogging so I apologize ahead of time.  I wanted to start this blog, because well this summer I discovered so many wonderful blogs.  They are addicting!  Not only have I found these awesome blogs but I have found so many recipes and crafts to do, its crazy!  I took the summer off from school,  so I could rest and organize my life, but when I found these wonderful craft blogs I wanted to craft, and bake, and go thrift shopping and turn trash into treasure.  I want to upcycle anything and everything, I want to now learn how to sew so I can make all my daughters clothes!  The list is endless.  I should have started this when I found my new love of blogs but haven't had the time, so I will add my projects that have been done so far in the beggining and then when I start new I will add within a few days of doing it.  I hope that by sharing what I have found, it will help inspire someone to do something with their summer! 


p.s. I am in no way computer savvy, so it will be a learning process for me, putting links and pictures and all that good stuff to share with you.

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  1. Allie, I'm starting everyone's blogs from the beginning... It's all your idea so you're up first :) This is exciting and fun!!!


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