Friday, July 8, 2011

Fun snacks and cake!

OK, so it took me literally all day to make these little things.  Why?  Because I kept going and doing other things, I made 35 and to sit there and unwrap all 35 Hersey kisses at once just doesn't work for me.  So I did little by little.....
I had the fun packs of m&m's and I am a little perturbed that with just opening 3 packages I got a little over 50 m&m's.  It doesn't look like much, but yeah just over 50 there!  Crazy, because I can open one package and insert it in my mouth like nothings wrong! 
and Viola......
I think they came out cute!  I was a little upset that the kisses cracked when pushing the m&m's in, I increased the time in the oven to five minutes.  I think next time I will do seven.  I brought them into work, because they are addicting, eating one turns into eating five.  Everyone at work loved them!  Next time I will try with rolo's.

So 4th of July just passed and instead of making an apple pie, I decided to make an apple cake that I found on a cool blog.  Nice story to go along with this.   You have to use ten small apples.  No biggie, I got them on sale .50cents a bag.  WHAT!  I know, apples are kinda expensive!  So I figured gotta use them quick then.  Any have to peel, core and cut into small wedges.  No biggie.  Yeah right.  I get all ready.
Got my coffee, ready to go.  Go to find my corer and slicer (all in one) and can't find it.  So I had to peel (with a crappy peeler non the less) and core and chop.  No biggie, but since I have carpel tunnel and I did this first thing in the morning my hands were numb the entire time!  Not fun.  Finally after forty minutes I am done.  Then I had to add them all to a cup of sugar and two tbls. of cinnamon.  Two tbls!  That is all, I climb up to my spices cabinet, why I keep it above the fridge is beyond me (its a pain).  I discover I have no cinnamon!  I had to stop what I was doing, wake up the hubs to watch the baby and speed over to my moms all for two tbls of cinnamon!
These suckers had to sit for an hour.  Then I had to make the dough.  That was the easy part.  After the hour I assembled the cake.  Layer of dough, layer of apples, repeat.  This cake was not a fast one I tell you.
It had to bake for an hour and a half.  The house smelled awesome.  It was finally done, so I ran to my mom's house for the bbq.  I let everyone know they had to eat a piece, because of everything I went through. 
Everyone loved it. It came out delish, I think if there is a next time, that I will drizzle some carmel sauce on it. Yum! 
I also made these things, which were freaking awesome.  Cheesy deliciousness and I added some strawberries and blueberries to be festive.  It was 4th of July after all!

Have a fabulous weekend!


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  1. That apple cake looks yummy! Great job!


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