Thursday, July 14, 2011

Past creations

So I have made one craft since I started this blog.  I know bad, its just been so hot.  It really drains you!  I have one planned for today in between napping and cleaning.  I'll post that another day.  But for right now, I will put up some of my fav creations from the past.  One of my favorite things to do is decorate Zoe's room.  The colors I picked for her room before she was even born was pink and green.  Oh the things I can do with pink and green!

The first two pics were made from the cardboard letters you can get at Micheal's (or any craft store) then I took different kinds of pink and green scrapbook paper.  It took a while to complete, because I only did it while the baby was sleeping.  I found these niefty stick on jewels so that completed it.  I'm thinking of custom doing them as a side business.  I think they are perfect for nursery's and smaller versions for adults. 
The Zoe on canvas was this cool thing I found at big lots.  It was five bucks and it came with stencils for the letters and paints.  So the whole project took cost me $15.  This was always a time consumer but well worth it!  The one thing I was really proud of was an old antique dresser my mom had.  It was white and I painted it jalapeno jelly green with pink drawer handles.  I can't find pictures of those unfortunately. 


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