Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Obsession Thursday

Obsession Thursday!

Here's the thing, I am kinda, well maybe really, really obsessed with pinterest.  It's like a nightly thing, I have to go on and find fabulous recipes and crafts to do.  Whether the crafts are for me, gifts for others or fun crafts I can do with the child.  I have found so many cool things to do.  One of them being wall decorations with toilet paper tubes.....I know right!  You at home probably throw away those little tubes when done, and I used to as well.  But when I found this one wall hanging I became ridiculously obsessed.  I won't lie.  I'm sure my hub is annoyed that there are tp and paper towel tubes are everywhere in our dinning room, but I made some thing really cool.  I even have requests from family members to make them some as well.  Thanks to my wonderful family and friends I am fully stocked in tubes and plan on making a ton of stuff with them.  I found on my new favorite site some new things to make.  Take a look.
Awesome, I think I might put this around my front door.
Love, Love, Love this! Can you even tell its from toilet paper tubes??
Genius!  Zoe loves butterflies right now.
Here is the original inspiration
Here is my creation :)
All it was toilet paper tubes, hot glue and black spray paint!

Now since I am still a novice at this blog thing, I don't know how I can make it where you click the pic and it takes you to the site.  Lame.  So I need to give credit where credit is due.  Below will be links where I found all these wonderful ideas!  I hope this is added to your summer creations list!

First picture I got from Love People Like Things
Second picture is from Condo Blue
Third picture I gots here BoBunny
Last but not least Design Sponge

Happy Obsession Thursday


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  1. Those look awesome!!! I wanna do that now.


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