Sunday, September 25, 2011

Coffee Confessional

This week's coffee confessional is brought to you by adelynSTONE.

1. I havent done any homework. which means my ten math assignments are now twenty, I get my test back tomorrow and I really think I got a bad grade.  And its bugging me big time, I slacked off in highschool, I dont want to be a slacker in college. 

2.  I actually made dinner for my family this weekend, usually I dont because I am just so tired from work.....but I dont do dishes or clean on the weekend.  That waits until my day off, or if I'm lucky and bitch enough the husband will do it for me.  since he is off on weekends.

3. I use my kid as an excuse for work.  Not anything big just, "I cant stay late..I have to pick my daughter up from my moms". In reality I am just so sick of working twice as long because the kids I work with have no work ethic.

4. we are having a bake off contest at work and I am terrified to sign up.  I like to bake but I am my worst critic.  I would be completely mortified if my coworkers thought my stuff was crap as well.  Especially since I have a culinary degree.

Thats all for this week!  What would you confess??

Have fun watching NEW Sunday night shows :)


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  1. love it! the dishes are my enemy! i hate them... and it will be Adelyn's chore once she's old enough. haha.

    I use the kids as an excuse too. As in "Sorry, can't come to your thingy, the kids nap at that time"

    Thanks for linking up!!


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