Tuesday, September 27, 2011


My family loves pumpkin!  I have been pinning pumpkin recipes like crazy lately and yesterday I made a quick and easy pumpkin pie cupcake.  It was so yummy, and gooey and delicious!  The original recipe can be found at baking bites.  Its a mini pumpkin pie with out the pie crust!

I didnt have any heavy cream to make my own whip cream, so I used canned, but it was still yummy.  I topped it with some cinnomon and sugar sprinkle.  I forgot to spray my liners, so it was really messy getting them out of the liners.  If you make them let spray the liners.  And just because I couldnt not let you see the inside I took a bite to show you how it resembles a pumpkin pie  :)
Its not your usual cupcake.  The recipe only makes 12, and I could seriously eat all 12.  Oh and it calls for pumpkin pie spice, which I did not have, but baking bites tells you how to make that as well.  So now I have some extra pumpkin pie spice to use for future baking! 

Here are some more yummy pumpkin recipes I have found.

Pumpkin crunch cake....um yes please

Pumpkin Ginerbread Trifle...put some good use to that trifle bowl that sits unused.

who doesnt love pumpkin scones, especially from starbucks?? These are just like them!

Does anyone have some yummy pumpkin recipes to share??


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  1. Those pumpkin pie cupcakes looks so good!
    I might have to make them. And I love the Starbucks pumpkin scones delish!


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